steel constructions, halls
engineering industry and metal processing
basic building machinery
construction locksmithery

Company´s main activities

Production activities ofer

Supplementary activities

construction locksmithery
steel hall (warehouse, production grounds and
others, also insulated)
various steel constructions according to the
provided project documentation
anti-noise barriers break-proof, transparent for the
highways and other communications
machining production (sub-sets, products and
machinery) according to the submitted project
steel-aluminium windows, doors and dividing walls
steel windows, doors, lights  and dividing walls
steel gates, also insulated
steel doors and window gratings, manipulated,
also forged
steel  starecases - direct, twisted or pointed
steel banisters
production of  metal basins, tanks and containers

fanlight for halls - direct or arc
steel ramps of all dimensions
taylor-made safety steel lockers
steel gates and fencings also forget according
to the submitted documentation
Steel gates and entries can be delivered also
with remote controller. An assembly of the
products can be also ordered.
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production of general purpose machinery and
devices according to the submitted documentation
mechanical-drive machinery building
metal processing (turning, milling, boring and
basic building works
sanitary installations
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